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Birdsong in Winter
An exhibition of work in mosaic and wood
By Diana Storey and Henk Littlewood
8th - 24th December
Exchange Place Studios

The Silent Witness

Curated by Stefania Carrozzi

Venue: Onishi Project, 521 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001 

Exhibition Dates: December 11 - December 22, 2018 Opening

Barbara Bachner / Augusta Bariona / Kentaro Chiba / Nicholas Down Cecilia Flaten / Marion Schmidtke / Diana Storey

MyMicroGallery is pleased to present “The Silent Witness”, a group exhibition featuring works from painting and sculpture to installation from seven artists hailing from countries across the world including the United States, Italy, Chile, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

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